LogoAdvanced Mobility Research Center (ITS Center),
Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo

Official Classes for Students


For developing human resources in the next generation, we are arranging an educational curriculum, including the followings.

  • General introduction: History, current status, and future possibilities of ITS.
  • Cross-sectional basic technologies: Simultaneous understanding of basic knowledges in civil/traffic, mechanical/control, and information/communication engineering related to ITS.
  • Transportation policy: Technological trends and legal systems in real world from the viewpoint of Japanese government.
  • Short-term exercise on issues in ITS: Students set and work for free themes related to ITS, including social investigation, designing measures, some scientific/engineering issues, etc.

More specialistic details of elemental technologies related to ITS (civil/traffic eng., mechanical/control eng., robotics, electrical eng., informatics, communication eng., environmental eng., ...) can be studied in classes in Graduate School of Engineering, and Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering.