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Our center is the first research organization among universities in Japan for ITS with interfaculty collaboration, including civil/traffic, mechanical/control, and information/communication engieering, and others.

ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) has been introduced originally as a scheme for solving issues mainly on road traffic, including accidents and congestions, however, today, fields and technologies related to ITS have widely expanded. We regard ITS as "Innovations in technology and social/economic system that contribute safety, security, environment, efficiency, comfort, and convenience in mobility, where human, infrastructure, and vehicles are connected with informational communication".

Message from Director

SUDA, Yoshihiro

SUDA, Yoshihiro

received Dr. of Engineering from The University of Tokyo in 1987. After working at Hosei University, he transferred to this institute as an associate professor in 1990, and promoted to a professor in 2000. The major field includes vehicle dynamics and control. He is a board member of ITS Japan, a board member/fellow of JSAE (Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan), and a trustee/fellow of JSME (Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers).

Advanced Mobility Research Center of Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo was established in April 2009 for the promotion of research and development of ITS-related subjects. We aim to push the field of research as follows to a higher level.

  1. Advanced transport system based on Automated Driving
  2. Design of social mobility using Big Data
  3. Integrated mobility design including road and railway public transportation

Collaborative activities are important for the research and development of ITS, which is an integration of transport engineering, vehicle engineering, and information technology. The results of our research are being implemented in real world, for instance, in Kashiwa City and Nagasaki Prefecture. With the understanding of social needs, we are expanding further our research and development activities via international collaborations.

We are also contributing to the education, by holding Special Course for Working People, ITS Seminars, and lecture courses in the graduate school (Grad. School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The Univ. of Tokyo), with the aims to develop huma resource for ITS, to deploy ITS applications further in the society, and to create next generation of ITS applications using cutting-edge technologies from all related fields.

We sincerely would like to ask for your continuous support for the future development of ITS.



Apr. 2003"Sustainable ITS," cooperative project among academia, industry, and the government, started in CCR*
Sep. 2004The 1st "Special Cource for Working People" held
Mar. 2005"Collaborative Research Center for Advanced Mobility (ITS Center)" established in IIS* (Director: Prof. Ikeuchi)
Nov. 2006"U-Tokyo ITS Seminar, Series 1" held in Kochi City
Mar. 2008ITS-related research projects migrated to IIS due to the dissolution of CCR for reorganization
Apr. 2009Upgraded to "Advanced Mobility Research Center (ITS Center)," an university-authorized official research center of IIS (Director: Prof. Kuwahara)