LogoMobility Innovation Collaborative Research Organization,
The University of Tokyo (UTmobI)


Institute of Industrial Science (IIS)
SUDA, YoshihiroDirector, Prof.Dept. of Mechanical and Biofunctional SystemsDynamic Systems and Control
OGUCHI, TakashiProf.Dept. of Human and Social SystemsTraffic Management and Control
TOYODA, MasafumiProf.Dept. of of Informatics and ElectronicsInteractive Data Analysis
NAKANO, KimihikoProf.Dept. of Mechanical and Biofunctional SystemsMechanical and Biological Systems Control
SUZUKI, ShoichiAssoc. Prof.Dept. of Human and Social SystemsTransport Policy
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
OSAKI, HiroyukiProf.Dept. of Advanced EnergySuperconducting Technology
DEGUCHI, AtsushiProf.Dept. of Socio-Cultural Environmental StudiesUrban Planning, Urban Design
FUJIMOTO, HiroshiProf.Dept. of Advanced EnergyControl Eng.
HIEKATA, KazuoProf.Dept. of Human and Engineered Environmental StudiesMarine and Ocean Eng.
YAMASAKI, YudaiProf.Dept. of Human and Engineered Environmental StudiesDistributed Energy System, Internal Combustion Engine
SHINO, MotokiAssoc. Prof.Dept. of Human and Engineered Environmental StudiesMechanical Eng., Assistive Technology
Center for Spatial Information Science (CSIS)
SHIBASAKI, RyosukeProf.Div. of Spatial Information Eng.Civil Eng., Geography
SEZAKI, KaoruProf.Div. of Spatial Information Eng.Communication/Network Eng.
Graduate School for Law and Politics
KAKIUCHI, ShusukeProf.School of Legal and Political StudiesCivil Procedure
GOTO, GenProf.School of LawCommercial Law, Corporate Law
Graduate School of Engineering
HATO, EijiProf.Dept. of Civil Eng.Transportation Eng., Urban Planning, Infrastructure Planning
KOSEKI, TakafumiProf.Dept. of Electrical Eng. and Info. SystemsElectric and Electronic Eng., Electric Energy Conversion, Electric Machinery, Control Eng.
TAKAMI, KiyoshiAssoc. Prof.Dept. of Urban Eng.Urban Transportation Planning
FUJII, HidekiAssoc. Prof.Dept. of Systems InnovationSocial Systems Eng., Intelligent Informatics
Graduate School of Information Sicence and Technology
INABA, MasayukiProf.Dept. of Creative InformaticsIntelligent Robotics
FUKAO, TakanoriProf.Dept. of Mechano-InformaticsField Robotics
KATO, ShinpeiAssoc. Prof.Dept. of Computer ScienceOperating Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Parallel and Distributed Systems
ITO, MasakiAssoc. Prof.Social ICT Research CenterTransport Informatics
TSUKADA, ManabuAssoc. Prof.Dept. of Creative InformaticsComputer Networks, Cyber-Physical systems
Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST)
NISHINARI, KatsuhiroProf.Mathematical Physics of Emergent SystemsMathematical Physics, Jamology
YAIRI, TakehisaProf.Artificial intelligence Aerospace Eng., Intelligent Informatics
YANAGISAWA, DaichiAssoc. Prof.Mathematical Physics of Emergent SystemsApplication of Fluid Dynamics and Cellular Automaton
Institute for Future Initiatives (IFI)
SHIROYAMA, HideakiProf.(Graduate School of Public Policy)Public Administration
FUKUSHI, KensukeProf.Environmental Eng., Sustainability Science
KIKUCHI, YasunoriAssoc. Prof.Process Systems Eng., Life Cycle Eng.