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Special Course in ITS for Working People

Lack of human resource and difficulty in encouraging business are said to be large issues in promoting ITS, a comprehensive fused engineering. In response to requests from private sectors where company trainings on ITS are not easy, we are organizing a special course for the development of human resource in technological development, business promotion, and local-area evolution of ITS.

Date Place Detail (in Japanese)
15Jan. 23, 2019Kashiwa Future Center, UTokyoProgram
14Jan. 24, 2018IIS-Chiba, UTokyo Program
13Jan. 30, 2017IIS, UTokyo Program
12Jan. 21-22, 2016IIS and IIS-Chiba, UTokyoProgram
11Jan. 19-20, 2015IIS and IIS-Chiba, UTokyoProgram
10Jan. 23-24, 2014IIS and IIS-Chiba, UTokyoProgram
9Jan. 15-16, 2013IIS and IIS-Chiba, UTokyoProgram
8Feb. 8-9, 2012IIS and IIS-Chiba, UTokyoProgram
7Feb. 1, 2011IIS, UTokyo Program
6Mar. 8-9, 2010Kashiwa and IIS, UTokyo Program
5Oct. 28, 2008IIS, UTokyo / Kitakyushu Program
4Sep. 20, 2007IIS-Chiba, UTokyo Program
3Nov. 29-30, 2006IIS, UTokyo Program
2Oct. 28, 2005IIS, UTokyo Program
1Sep. 24-25, 2004IIS, UTokyo Program

* The courses #1 - #4 were organized by CCR (Center for Collaborative Research), UTokyo then.