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Guide of our Center (Apr. 2023)
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Guide of our Institute (IIS and IIS-Kashiwa)

Guide of our Institute (IIS and IIS-Kashiwa)
Issued by IIS

Academic Papers and Reports

Papers, etc.

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“Seisan Kenkyu” (Special Issue on ITS)

Seisan Kenkyu” is a report issued by the institute. (in Japanese, partially in English)

News Report

Annual Report


This is an report that summarizes the activities of our center since its predecessor, Advanced Mobility Research Center, was established.

For more specialized information on our research, please refer to each laboratory’s page, academic papers and reports.

in Japanese



History of CCR 12 years
Center for Collaborative Research, The University of Tokyo 1996-2007

M. Kuwahara, Y. Suda, T. Tanaka, K. Ikeuchi, S. Tanaka, S. Ono, D. Yamaguchi, M. Onuki, T. Shiraishi:
“ITS Research Project”, pp. 30-54, 2008.3 (in Japanese)

This is a book about the Sustainable ITS Project, which is the origin of the interdisciplinary and industry-university collaboration in our center. It was compiled when the Center for Collaborative Research (CCR, at that time), where the project was established, was dissolved through reorganization.